The Art of Anesthesia: Techniques in Humans vs. Animals

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Unlock the Secrets of Anesthesia in Humans and Animals!


Join us for an exclusive webinar where we delve into the fascinating world of anesthesia, comparing and contrasting the techniques used in humans versus animals. This is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills in the field of anesthesia.

📅 Date: 22, September 2024
Time: 08.30-12.00 am. (WIB)
📍 Location: Online (Zoom Platform)

Why Attend?

🌟 Expert Insights: Learn from leading anesthesiologists and veterinary specialists who will share their expertise and experiences.

🌟 Comparative Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences in anesthesia practices across species.

🌟 Practical Techniques: Discover advanced techniques and best practices that can be applied in your professional practice.

🌟 Interactive Q&A: Engage with our experts in a live Q&A session to get your burning questions answered.

Who Should Attend?

🌟 Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians
🌟 Anesthesiologists and Anesthesia Technicians
🌟 Medical and Veterinary Students
🌟 Anyone interested in the science of anesthesia

Topics Covered:

🔹 Human Anesthesia: Techniques, Trends, and Transformations
🔹 The Art of Small Animal Anesthesia: Best Practices and Innovations

Meet Our Speakers:

dr. Nirwan Satria, SpAn-TI
(Anesthesiologist Practitioner)
drh. Eva Zulfiati
(Specialist Interest of Anesthesia Small Animal, MyVets Clinic)

Rp. 150,000

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